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Vocal Therapy with Shawna P

Vocal Therapy can benefit any singer, whether you’re a beginner, advanced or professional singer. Voice Therapy doesn’t teach a particular style, but will help you to focus specifically on your singing techniques, breathing techniques, diction and pronunciation, cadences and inflections. Shawna P’s Voice Therapy offers an abstract, creative, yet personalized and hands-on approach to singing.

Vocal Therapy initially addresses the whole body as an instrument. Shawna begins with “Soul Therapy” to address any issues or problems that may be blocking the student’s creative flow. Shawna is not teaching the student to sing, rather “freeing the singer” to sing with more awareness of your whole self. It is critical to lay this foundation to prepare you for your best possible performance and interpretation of the song.  

Vocal Therapy with Shawna P guides a student through their choice of songs and she gives valuable feedback and advice on how to improve not only the execution of those songs, but also the vocal arrangements, articulation, enunciation, vocal phrasing, pitch, volume (e.g., when to sing more loudly and energetically or softly and pensively), breathing rhythms, and overall approach to the song.


On the Gulf Coast, sessions are offered Monday-Wednesday (for 3 weeks consecutively) from 2:30pm-8:30pm, taking the last student at 7:30pm. 

In Moulton, sessions are offered once a month on the last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the month. Available scheduling slots are from 2:30pm-8:30pm, taking the last student at 7:30pm.   

Sessions are also now being offered once a month in Nashville, on the Thursday following the North Alabama sessions, with 1 hour slots available from 1pm-7pm, taking the last student at 6pm.  

A minimum of 4 sessions are suggested.


On the Gulf Coast, sessions are held at Gulf Coast Music 3501a South McKenzie Street Foley, Al 36535

In North Alabama, sessions are currently being held in the student's home (ONLY if I don't have a lesson scheduled immediately after yours) or at my dad's house in Hatton until I can secure a new location. Lang’s Latte Cafe, the previous location in Moulton, Al, has closed down. 

In Nashville, the sessions will be held on Music Row at Boom Labs 56 Music Square West, Nashville TN 37203. 

Vocal Therapy student requirements: Beginners and experienced singers are welcome, but take note that this is an intensive program, requiring a high level of commitment and focus.

Vocal Therapy sessions are available in-person (Gulf Shores, Al, Moulton, Al and Nashville, Tn) or via Skype online worldwide. 

Shawna P provides this service to a select number of clients who are committed to improving their singing voice. Her Voice Coaching/Therapy sessions are delivered in a supportive and encouraging way, to help her students sing and perform to their fullest potential.

Shawna P’s Vocal Therapy is an ongoing plan, tailored to your individual needs to help you reach your desired goals. Shawna focuses on motivating and inspiring her clients, to help them achieve great success.

To begin Vocal Therapy with Shawna P, please schedule your appointment with her below. Let's do this! 

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